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  • All STAR NET Resource Library materials are due back at STAR NET 3 weeks after order.   
  • If a 3 week extension is necessary, contact (618) 825-3968.   
  • Materials are to be returned to the same location from which they were picked up.   
  • Damages or materials not returned will be billed to the borrower.

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Note: You MUST notify the librarian to expect a delivery
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I accept full responsibility for the items I receive. In the event of loss or damage, I agree to reimburse the STAR NET Resource Center the full cost of replacing the borrowed item(s). I understand that materials are lent for preview purposes only. Any reproduction of software by myself or others, while the items are in my possession, is in violation of federal copyright laws. I also understand that duplication of print materials borrowed from the center for any other than personal use may be prohibited by law. Materials may not be requested unless the agreement is acknowledged.

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