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  First 30 Days! Success for ALL Free for PDC
Time: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM    Cost: $ 100   Presenter: Donna Whyte     CPDUs: 6
Capacity: 46     Registered: 36     Seats Remaining: 10
Location: St. Clair County Regional Office of Education - Conference A
Contact: Donna Willett  Phone: (618) 825-3900  Fax: (618) 236-4780
  [List Roster]        Details:  (Event ID = 2951)   Come and join Donna Whyte for this opportunity to make your school life easier and more meaningful to the students you teach. If you have ever thought "I work harder than my students do" - this is a workshop for you. Join Donna on a path to setting up a classroom environment where independence and responsibility are taught and expected. A place where differences are recognized, accepted, and utilized to ensure that ALL children reach their full potential. You'll learn effective techniques to help you carefully and thoughtfully consider every child's needs and create ways to "teach to reach" your entire class. As the well-known author of the management book, YOU CAN'T TEACH A CLASS THAT YOU CAN'T MANAGE, Donna will share how to best create a classroom where children are responsible for their learning AND THEIR BEHAVIOR. Also included will be Student Engagement strategies and ideas. Come and share thoughts on developing an environment, focusing on teaching what is most important and identifying the traits of classrooms where children learn best.  

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